Recent translations


Dit mina tankar inte når by Yiyun Li (Norstedts 2020)
Det är vi som är klimatet by Jonathan Safran Foer (Norstedts 2020)
Du måste komma ensam (I was Told to Come Alone) by Souad Mekhennet (Norstedts 2018)
Bitchdoktrinen (Bitch Doctrine) by Laurie Penny Transl. with Bogg Johanna Karlsson (Ordfront 2018)
Tårar för Mexiko
Tårar för Mexiko by Lydia Cacho m fl journalister Intro Erik de la Reguera (Norstedts 2018)





Fiction (selection)

Här är jag (Here I Am)
by Jonathan Safran Foer (Norstedts 2017)

Skiftsovare (Schlafgänger)
by Dorothee Elmiger (Kabusa Böcker 2016)

De hemlösa (Vagrants)
by Yiyun Li (Norstedts 2011)

Fiction (selection)

Inbjudan till de våghalsiga (Einladung an die Waghalsigen)
by Dorothee Elmiger (Kabusa Böcker 2011)


Be för mig i tusen år (A Thousand Years of Good Prayers)
by Yiyun Li (Norstedts 2011)

Lyssna min dotter (Ai Ladki)
by Krishna Sobti (Tranan 2001)
Translated via English

Politics and philosophy (selection)

Laurie Penny, Sex, lögner & revolution (Unspeakable Things)
Ordfront 2015

Zygmunt Baumann, Collateral Damage. Social jämlikhet i en global tidsålder (Collateral Damage)
Daidalos 2012

Hannah Arendt, Mellan det förflutna och framtiden (Between Past and Future)
Daidalos 2004

Beverly Skeggs, Att bli respektabel (Formations of Class and Gender)
Daidalos 2000

John Rawls, En teori om rättvisa (A Theory of Justice)
Daidalos 2000

History (selection)

Giles Milton, Muskotkriget (Nathaniel's Nutmeg)
Historiska Media 2001

Martin Bernal, Svart Athena (Black Athena)
Symposion 1997

Peter Brown, Makten och det heliga (Authority and the Sacred)
Bonnier Alba Essä 1997

Life (selection)

Not that Kind of Girl.
by Lena Dunham (Norstedts 2014)
Translated together with Johanna Karlsson



Beirut, jag älskar dig (Beirut, I Love You)
by Zena el Khalil (Ordfront 2008)

Från mörker till ljus (Aalo Aandhari)
by Baby Halder (Kabusa Böcker 2008)
Translated via English

For those still growing (selection)

Slott och sammanbrott (Castles and Catastrophes)
by Ros Asquith (Kabusa Böcker 2011)




Bajs. Det onämnbaras naturhistoria (Poo)
by Nicola Davies. Illustrerad by Neal Layton (Kabusa Böcker 2008)


Marci Shore, "Den postmoderna sanningens förhistoria"
(The Pre-History of Post-Truth) in Glänta no. 2 (2018)

Hannah Arendt, "Vi flyktingar" (We Refugees)
in Arendt, Rätten till rättigheter, ed. Burman (Tankekraft 2017)

Gottfried Benn, "Summa summarum" (Summa Summarum)
in 10tal no. 23 (2016)

E Khayyat, "Bli turk" (How to Turn Turk?)
in Glänta no. 1 (2016)

Hans Magnus Enzensberger, "En ordboksartikel" (Ein Lexikonartikel)
in 10tal no. 23 (2016)

Jürgen Habermas, "Grus i maskineriet" (Warum Merkels Griechenland-Politik ein Fehler ist) in DN (27 juni 2015)

Hannah Arendt, "Poeten Brechts mörka tider"
(What Is Permitted to Jove) in 10tal no. 19 (2015)

Adriana Cavarero, "Etymologier: terror och horror"
in Glänta no. 1 (2015)



Hannah Arendts 1940-tal (Kabusa Böcker 2014)

("Hannah Arendt's 1940s")

In 1941, the philosopher Hannah Arendt arrives in New York City as a stateless, Jewish refugee. Here, she soon becomes a public voice, especially in some of New York's many magazines and journals.

Sharp-witted and analytical, she writes about the existence of refugees, about the political duty of a pariah, about how to write history on a past nobody wants to remember, about nationalism and state terrorism.

The three parts of this book, "The Pariah Gaze", "Death", and "Displaced Persons", recount a violent decade, with unprecedented horrors and a disturbing peace. The emphasis lies on Arendt's texts and life. From Europe she has brought Kafka, Heidegger, Karl Jaspers, Rosa Luxemburg; in her new Manhattan circles, Mary McCarthy and W H Auden are important figures.


Excerpt from the book                Sold by Daidalos


Du och jag, Marie Curie (Kabusa Böcker 2003)

("You and me, Marie Curie")

1986. A football team. Two teenagers. A love story between midfielder Jenny and striker Filippa. A long, black coat, an upsetting poetry reading. Dark grief, good friends. A vague future as sound engineer, professional footballer, horticulturist. Radiation and Marie Curie.

Erik Dahlbergsgatan 30 (Kabusa Böcker 2006)

("Erik Dahlberg's Street 30")

1994. Collective living and a film group. Demonstrations, parties and the World Cup in football. Menacing skinheads and menacing suit guys. The political video filmmaker Jenny and the political student Sara. Or the amateur filmmaker Jenny and the (nearly) professional filmmaker Elise? Or the collective? How can a twenty-three year old human being create a life?


"Det skrivna talet. Transkriptionstankar utifrån Dorothee Elmigers roman Skiftsovare" (Written Speech: On Translating Dorothee Elmiger's Novel Schlafgänger) in Med andra ord no. 87 (juli 2016)

"Kamp mot den enspråkiga samhällsvetenskapens armod" (Fight Against the Poverty of a Monolingual Social Science)
in Med andra ord no. 82 (mars 2015)

"Karriär som förställning: Rahel Varnhagen och Mefisto, Hannah Arendt och Klaus Mann" (Carreer as Dissimulation) in the anthology Salongsberusat, ed. Laskar/Svensson (Charlie 2011)

"Das Flachland" (The Plain)

in the anthology Heimat, ed. Corinna Waffender (Konkursbuch 2010)

"Porträtt av Johannesburg" (Portrait of Johannesburg)
in Ord&Bild no. 5–6 2003.


I make my living as a translator of books and articles from English and German into Swedish.

At first I translated travel guides - a splendid education for new translators. Later I received commissions within philosphy, politics, art, history - where two of the highlights has been Peter Brown's fine essay Authority and the Sacred, on how the Roman empire became Christian, and Hannah Arendt's sharp texts on people and politics. Later on fiction became a larger part of my work, resulting in sweaty struggles with novels by exceptional authors such as Krishna Sobti, Jonathan Safran Foer and Dorothee Elmiger.

As an author my language is Swedish. (One piece in German, though: "Das Flachland" in Heimat.) My latest book is Hannah Arendts 1940-tal ("Hannah Arendt's 1940s"), a long writing process that took me across the Atlantic to New York City and the Catskill Mountains and the library at Bard College.

Together with Kerstin Aronssson, I ran a small publishing company, Anamma, during the 1990's; there, I was senior editor for non-fiction.
From 2001 to 2003 I was the editor of Ord&Bild, an independent magazine.

My most frequent campsites are Brännö (an island on the west coast of Sweden) and Berlin.